Case Studies

  • Card live date February 2014
  • Client Mayzus
  • Client website
  • Type Programme Management Programme Management
  • Product General Spend Travel
  • Scheme VISA VISA Reloadable Chip and PIN card


Company description

Mayzus Financial Services Ltd, established in 2008, with its head office in London, and regional departments in several European countries; regulated by the FCA and HMRC, and members of SWIFT.

Mayzus Financial Services, are a small financial institution, they have designed their own operating platform, which allows its clients to manage their personal finances and process money transfers, both locally and internationally. A number of services offered by Mayzus Financial Services have evolved into their own independent brands, an example would be Money Polo, with its VISA PrePaid card.

Mayzus Financial Services plans to create new independent financial products online, as well as its own network of physical money transfer centres offline. They also aim to continue to expand into European markets and to improve the security of its services, by way of establishing partnerships with central banks and other large financial corporations.

Why do they need a prepaid solution?

MayZus are a money transmitter and Foreign Exchange provider; they wanted to enhance their product offering, by way of providing quick, simple and cost effective money remittance functionality, complimented by Prepaid cards in GBP, Euro and USD.

MayZus have developed their own technology platform, and required a partner that would not only deliver the product but would integrate to their platforms seamlessly.

CashFlows were able to offer VISA branded Prepaid Cards in the required currencies, with all interconnectivity via published API's, therefore allowing MayZus to control the end to end process flow and customer engagement. CashFlows were able to provide a cost effective, seamless process providing a corporate branded look and feel with almost complete control for MayZus to manage the consumer experience.