Case Studies

  • Card live date August 2013
  • Client Olympus
  • Type Prepaid Express Prepaid Express
  • Product Corporate Incentive/Reward Corporate Incentive/Reward
  • Scheme MasterCard MasterCard GBP Reloadable Chip and PIN card


Company description

Sales Promotions are global leaders in the promotional fulfilment industry, they manage the non-core yet vital promotional activity according to Clients defined metrics, continuously improving the processes and creating value at each stage. They help Clients better utilise their resources, time and capital to boost bottom-line, while building customer loyalty.

Why do they need a prepaid solution?

The prepaid card programme for Sales Promotions provides a simple method of dispersing Corporate Incentives and Rewards on behalf of large organisations. Sales Promotions provide services for a number of large corporates, however the Incentive schemes are for targeted periods and for relatively small volumes of cards, the Client wanted their brand on the card but did not want to pay for thousands for cards, to only use a few hundred. CashFlows solution was PrePaid Express - effectively over printing an image onto previously manufactured 'white plastic' cards; this allows for on demand printing of corporate brand and logos, without the need to have a vault full of plastic! The loading of incentives/rewards onto the cards are automated, so it's a cost effective, seamless process providing a corporate branded look and feel without the significant cost associated to an individual programme.