Case Studies

  • Card live date August 2013
  • Client PREGO
  • Client website
  • Type Programme Management Programme Management
  • Product International Payroll International Payroll
  • Scheme MasterCard MasterCard USD Reloadable Chip and PIN card


Company description

Prego International Limited provides payroll solutions to international companies that employ migrant and/or unbanked employees. They provide employee welfare and support, along with efficient, value for money telecommunications for workers to contact home.

Why do they need a prepaid solution?

The principal reason that migrant workers travel to find work is to send money back home to family/loved ones - migrant workers are exposed to significant costs and complexity to receive payment for their work & time, and even more costs to transfer their hard earned money, back home. Many organisations exist that will cash cheques and transfer funds internationally, however the costs and the complexity of physically visiting an establishment are high and difficult.

Prepaid cards provide a quick, cheap and easy way to receive payment for work, and enable the cardholder to simply transfer funds in real time from a Primary card to a Companion Card - which can be used in ATMs or POS terminals and can be used to make payments online and over the telephone.