Prepaid ExpressPrepaid Express

Whether you just need a couple of hundred expenses cards for your staff, or a couple of thousand for your latest marketing campaign, Prepaid Express provides a fast and low cost one stop programme designed to suit any size of business or sector.

Prepaid Express is very different to traditional prepaid programme management, as there is no lengthy programme setup and therefore no set up costs. In addition there are no limits to the number of cards you have to order, you simply pay for the quantity of cards you need.

Please watch the animation below, showing how Prepaid Express could work for your business:

Business Benefits

As a low cost alternative to a fully managed prepaid card programme, Prepaid Express provides the following benefits:

Cheap Alternative A considerably cheaper business alternative to running a traditional prepaid programme, paying for the quantity of cards you request.

Fast Approval Receive your prepaid cards in as little as 10 days! Simply complete our Application Form and send us your card design, we then perform Due Diligence, Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and Card Design Approval.

No Limits No limits on the number of cards that you can request and use, with no minimum or maximum orders.

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Cardholder Fees

Card Fees Cost
Individual Card Issue Fee £10.00/€15.00/$20.00
Additional Cards - Issue Fee £10.00/€15.00/$20.00
Replacement Card £10.00/€15.00/$20.00
Primary to secondary card transfers £1.00/€1.50/$2.00 (Per transaction; maximum £/€/$5000)
Card Transaction Fees Cost
UK Purchases £0.25/€0.38/$0.50
Overseas Purchases £0.35/€0.53/$0.70
UK ATM withdrawal £1.50/€2.25/$2.99 (Maximum £250/€375/$500 per withdrawal,Maximum 3 withdrawals per day)
Overseas ATM withdrawal £1.50/€3.75/$4.99 (Maximum £250/€300/$400 per withdrawal,Maximum 3 withdrawals per day)
FX Exchange Rate 2.75%
PIN Reminder £0.40/€0.60/$0.80 (IVR and Online)
SMS Message £0.08/€0.12/$0.16 (Balance Enquiry, Block/Unblock, History)
PIN via SMS £0.60/€0.90/$1.20
Card Load Fees Cost
By BACS/Bank transfer £0.10€0.15/$0.20 (Min £/€/$5, Max £/€/$10,000, Daily limit £/€/$10,000)
By Debit Card £0.15€0.23/$0.30 (Min £/€/$5, Max £/€/$500, Daily limit £/€/$500)
By PayPoint (GBP Visa Card Only) 1.5% of value + £0.40 (Min £5 Max £249, daily limit £249)
Top up – Daily Limit (Maximum 2 top ups per card per day)
Additional Card Fees Cost
Dormancy £1.00/€2.00/$3.00 (Charged after no account activity for 3 months)
Cancellation/redemption £10.00/€15.00/$20.00
Investigation fee £15.00/€22.50/$30.00
Customer Helpline - Std call rates apply.
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