Virtual Card ProgrammesVirtual Card Programmes

We provide a one stop solution as we not only act as the Issuer i.e. as a principal member of VISA & MasterCard but we are also responsible for ensuring that the virtual card programme is compliant. In addition we manage all aspects of regulatory approval i.e. FCA, 2EMD, JMLSG, AML, and PSD and we have the necessary strategic relationships with:

  • International card schemes
  • Processors
  • Personal data verification providers
  • SMS providers
  • IVR and online/website providers

Programme Design

CashFlows Prepaid Card Services works with your business to ensure you have a tailored programme that works for you. As we have a vast experience in running prepaid card programmes we can manage all aspects of the programme design for you including the following services:

Management of integrated partnersManagement of integrated partners including: Card Schemes, Processors and Loading Agencies.

Real-time reportingProviding real-time reporting on your programme including a full transaction activity report.

Design of online servicesDesign, brand and build the programme's online services including: application and activation pages, my account system, terms and conditions and FAQ's.

Reconciliation and regulatory complianceManagement of the reconciliation for all parties and the regulatory compliance aspects of the programme.

Card Design ApprovalFully manage the compliance approval of your programme.

Fraud monitoringOngoing account management of your programme including: fraud monitoring and all year round customer services.

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Transactional Processing

As the card Issuer and the Programme Manager we contract and integrate directly to both the card schemes and the processor. We appoint and work with the processor so not only is the transactional side of the programme taken care of, but so is the management and reporting of the transaction reconcilliation from all parties.

In addition, unlike any other programme manager we offer a consolidated Payment Service enabling online card processing for the debit card loading facility and for the collection of the customer's initial card purchase.

For more information about our consolidated Payment Service, visit:

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Programme Support

CashFlows Prepaid Card Services appoints a dedicated Project Manager to ensure that your Virtual Card programme runs smoothly from day one. On launch of your programme and throughout the life span of the programme we will continue to provide suggestions and advice on areas in which the programme can improve and evolve to maintain its popularity.

As part of our on-going support of your programme, CashFlows Prepaid Card Services provide comprehensive reporting and MI for your programme including:

  • Transaction Activity Report
  • Security and Fraud analysis and monitoring
  • Lost & Stolen card reporting 24/7/365
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