Case Studies

  • Card live date August 2013
  • Client ROK
  • Client website
  • Type Programme Management Programme Management
  • Product General Spend General Spend
  • Scheme VISA VISA Reloadable Chip and PIN card


Company description

ROK Global PLC's mission is to create extraordinary value for its shareholders through being a pace-setting, innovative and highly dynamic early-stage technology and services development company. Emphasis on Mobile products and the massive increase in opportunities this sector has experienced and its continued expansive growth is where the main drive of the company remains. ROK's products are designed to provide value to Mobile Operators, distributors, content owners and consumers alike.

Why do they need a prepaid solution?

Many individuals in the UK are underserved by traditional high street banks; they may have a poor credit history or are simply unable to provide the 'comfort' that many banks require in order to open a bank account. The vast majority of transactions, for good and services are electronic, and therefore these consumers are being excluded and denied access to certain opportunities. ROK believes that all individuals deserve the right and ability to shop where they desire and pay for goods in an efficient (i.e. electronically by card or mobile) and cost effective way. ROK have developed their prepaid card programme to allow financial inclusion for all.